Taking art submissions for Downtown Kannapolis stores

Kaleidoscope Arts Celebration is taking artist submissions that will be displayed in the store windows in Downtown Kannapolis. The goal is to showcase local artists and their work in storefronts in the charming Williamsburg style village setting of downtown Kannapolis adjacent to the North Carolina Research Campus.
The art submitted can include paintings, drawings, jewelry, dolls, sculptures, pottery … pretty much any family friendly art form that can be displayed in a store window.The goal is to bring arts and culture into downtown Kannapolis and essentially create a “storefront art gallery” or an “outdoor art gallery.”

While this is not a “themed” event, we do ask artists to consider creating pieces that show off the Kannapolis area. Artists could depict local scenes such as the “Stories under the Stars” at the Kannapolis Library, multiple ideas from the concerts in the park, the ballet in the park, the train in the park, the Christmas display in the park, Veterans Park, students in the STEM Academy, a house or a row of houses in the Mill Village.
Artists could also depict the Kannapolis Train Station, dancers entering the dance studio on West A Street, senior ladies in water aerobics at the YMCA, football game on Friday night at A.L. Brown High School, one of our beautiful churches, or a choir at one of our churches. They could also depict our beautiful cherry trees, flowers in the Village, and cyclists or walkers in the early morning or afternoon around the North Carolina Research Campus. Artists could also consider scenes such as the Nutrithon, Jiggy with the Piggy, Village Fest, the EarlyAct FirstKnight program and other area events.
Submissions are open to all artistic formats, including drawings, paintings, pottery and jewelry. Exhibits must be family friendly and Kaleidoscope Arts Celebration staff have the right to refuse to display a piece of artwork. We do ask that artists with paintings or drawings use clear lacquer to coat their work as these art pieces will be displayed in store windows and could have some exposure to sunlight while they are on display.
We also ask that artists with paintings please provide a means of displaying the artwork, such as an easel. This is a grassroots project organized by volunteers and we only have a number of easels to use.
Art submissions can be delivered to the Independent Tribune, 363 Church St. N., Concord, N.C. 28025 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday from April 15 through June 30.
Each submission should include name, contact information, the price that you would like to sell the piece for, and a brief bio that is 100 words or less, all printed out on one sheet of paper that can be displayed with the artwork.
Also, artwork should be small enough to fit into the back seat of a car so that it can be easily transported. The event is limited to the first 75 pieces selected.
The artwork will then be taken to various stores in Downtown Kannapolis and displayed in area store windows. Art work should be in place at the locations from mid July through early October.
The artwork will then be taken down and transported to the old Cannon Towel building where there will be an artist’s reception at 5 p.m. Oct. 25, which will allow the artists to gather and talk about their work and sell their art to interested patrons. Artists will collect 75 percent of the proceeds from their art sold at the show.
Artists should plan to attend the reception to greet the public as well as collect their artwork. Artists will have the opportunity to celebrate their work and another year of Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival events and enjoy a fun evening networking with fellow artists. They will also have a chance to meet art aficionados at the reception where they have the opportunity to sell their art. The reception is free to the public and is scheduled to have live entertainment.
The reception is also an end of the year celebration for the Last Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival of the year, which will be held from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. that day. All the artists and performers from Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival are invited to participate in the Kaleidoscope Arts Celebration.
For more information visit www.kannapolisarts.com or e-mail info@kannapolisarts.com or call Michael Knox at 828-231-5037