Pop culture artist creates images of John Lennon and others

Tony Clark is a painter and graphic artist living in North Carolina, originally from the mountains of Virginia and will be a guest at the May 31 Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. in downtown Kannapolis, N.C. 

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Here are some thoughts from pop culture artist Tony Clark:

“I have a passion to create acrylic paintings of those in the popular culture, those in the past and in the present. Those individuals that I can see something in — something that touches me emotionally. It can run the gamut from admiration to sympathy. I long to convey those emotions to the viewer through my paintings. In addition to acrylic painting I create graphically illustrated pet portraits on commission.”

“I developed a love for art much later in life than most artists. I started oil painting in my twenties and then took a long hiatus from it because of illness. I was born with Cystic Fibrosis and as the older I grew in age, the sicker my lungs developed. I am fortunate and blessed to have received a double lung transplant when I was thirty-six.”

“I picked up the brushes for painting and graphic art once again in my early forties, after being given the miraculous gift of “breath” and this second chance at life. I am now eager to create beautiful works of art. I am truly thankful for my sustaining faith in Christ, the love of my beautiful wife, family and friends, my gift of art, and the ability to create things that are true, noble, right, and lovely.”

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