From skateboarding to photography: photographer Duane DuVall and artist Pinky

Kannapolis, N.C. based photographer Duane Duvall and his wife, multimedia artist Pinky. will be at the May 31 Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. in downtown Kannapolis, N.C. The festival is free to the public and for registered artists to set up for free.

For more information on the festival visit the event:

Duane DuVall and Pinky together PIGKannapolis based photographer Duane DuVall and his wife, Pinky, have been multi-media artists since they were about 13 years old. But it wasn’t until DuVall was a little older that he got serious about photography.

“I was still into skateboarding and thinking I was going to become a pro skater one day and my parents gave me an old Pentax K1000 camera and I learned how to use it on my own and taking lots of skateboarding photos,” DuVall said.  “My wife Pinky (Paige) does art doodles and awesome creative quotes and other writings.”

DuVall and his wife, Pinky, will be at the May 31 Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival in downtown Kannapolis. The festival is free and runs from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. that day. Here is a run down of some of DuVall’s thoughts on his and his wife’s work:

Duane DuVall pic 1

What art form do you focus on and why?  I focus mainly on photography.  Pinky focuses on design and her drawings and writings mainly but has devoted a lot of attention to the deco-paging furniture lately.


 What’s your philosophy and style to creating art?  “I work mainly for basic fundamentals of design.  I look for light and shadow, repetition, texture and perspective in all mediums of art.  Pinky uses her heart to create.  She is truly able to express herself thru her work.”

Duane Duvall pic 2

Where can people see your artwork? “Nothing on display at the moment but I will be attending all of the Kaleidoscope Festivals and soon to submit for the art crawls of Kannapolis as well. My wife will be doing the same.  We work as a team.  I’ve never won an award but my photography has been published before.  I used to shoot for ‘Skin Art Publications’ which at the time was seven different tattoo magazines.”

 What’s the most challenging part for you when you are creating art? “Motivation and inspiration are both of our weaknesses.  We usually have to force ourselves at times to get it done but once it’s done, we feel better about it and we keep the ball rolling from that point and create as much as possible.”

Pinky table

What work is your favorite?  “I personally don’t have a favorite piece.  I am my own worst critic!!  I like a piece for about five minutes before I start seeing things I could’ve done differently to make it better.  There’s never a best but there’s always a better.  So far, Pinky’s favorite piece is the round table that she has deco-paged.  It’s my favorite piece of her’s too.”

How have you evolved as an artist?  “There’s always room for improvement.  If you find yourself thinking that you’re the best at what you do, then you stop evolving at that point.  There’s always better or a different way or variation.  Art is an endless journey of trial and error.”

What’s next?  “I personally want to start printing much larger photo prints using a much more premium printing service and photo paper so I can do more gallery shows.  Pinky is building on her supplies for making jewelry and furniture art to sell at the festivals.”

To contact Duanne Duvall or Pinky you can find them on their Facebook pages or through DuVall’s Instagram page @ddphotography13 or e-mail or call 704-956-1335.

For more information on the May 31 Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival visit or look for Kannapolis Arts on Facebook.