Travers Brothership funk band to perform at September fest

The Travers Brothership is an Asheville based funk band that will perform from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27 and the Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival in downtown Kannapolis. The festival is free and the Travers Brothership will perform at the corner of West Avenue and West 1st Street, Kannapolis.


Travers Brothership is the brainchild of twin brothers Eric and Kyle Travers.

The twins started to learn how to play music at age 7 and by the time they were 12 they began to perform before audiences with their father and musician, Robert Travers.

Performing together at such a young age evoked an eclectic music taste, inspiring the brothers to become the mulit-instrumentalists.

“The dynamic of the twin brothers is obviously in the blood. Their vocals blend perfectly and the songwriting they create together is divine.” –Jade Rudolph, KZKO Radio

In 2007 the brothers formed an Alternative Rock, Funk, and Blues quartet, Travers Brothers Band, based out of Asheville N.C. The band proceeded to play around the southern states. In 2011 they released their debut album, TBB, and continued to tour until the band decided to split ways in 2012.

Following the close of TBB the brothers were ready to begin anew with a new creative approach. Reinventing musical performance was a desire rooted firmly in their souls. The twins wanted to form a band that reflected upon influences such as Galactic, the Black Keys, the Allman Brothers Band, P-Funk, CSNY, Modest Mouse, Umphrey’s McGee, and B.B. King .

The result is a new groove of epic proportions. With the use of either electric or acoustic instruments; the band projects a wide variety of music that makes each concert unique, a show that insures the audience is moved emotionally and physically.

The band plays live with a 4 to 8-piece band that is capable of performing a vast repertoire of original and covered music. Travers Brothership live is more than mere musical performance, but a themed show that relays a message to the audience.

Utilizing the Travers Brothers roots in Soulful Blues, Rock, Funk, Improvisational jam and vocal harmony, the band covers all the bases; conveying a message of beauty and emotional fulfillment, whilst forcing you to get up off your stool and onto the dance floor.

“The band are consummate musicians, jam-band aficionados with a deep understanding of their preferred genre. Put simply, they rock, and in doing so, their enthusiasm, gusto and talents carry the day.” –Robert F, Leicester Bangs

Travers Brothership first took flight in the fall of 2012, and has since seen much success across the United States. The band began a yearlong tour on December 31st 2012, consisting of stops from the Outer Banks in N.C. to Denver, C.O. This tour sported 87 shows in total; and resulted in the birth of a national following rooted firmly in the Southeast.

In between 2013 tour dates, the band stopped for recording sessions at Real Sound Studios in North Carolina. These sessions resulted in their debut E.P. release. Featuring 4 songs; the E.P. reached Number 1 on Reverb Nation’s Alternative charts for Asheville N.C, and peaked in the top 20 on the Reverb’s National Charts.

travers brothership

Many fans have since boarded the Brothership, and much is in store for the band in 2014. Travers Brothership began work on their first full-length album February 12th and 13th at the state of the art Full Sail Studios in Winter Park Florida. The band was given the honor to work with an experienced staff of award winning professionals in the $3 million studio B.


One of which is a Grammy award winning producer that has worked with acts such as, Carlos Santana and Bob Marley. Another national tour is underway, and the calendar is constantly filling up. Be sure to check back to find a show near you!

“This is a band that possesses a soulful magic and heart you don’t find in many young bands. This is real art.” –Danny Harlen Mote, Lucky Trend Music.