Photographer/jeweler Doris Heim to attend fest

Doris Heim will be one of the artists at the FREE Sept. 27  Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival held on West Avenue in Downtown Kannapolis from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27. It is FREE for artists to set up, but you must be registered. E-mail for more information about the festival.

Doris Heim- Shining Images

Where are you located? Kannapolis, NC

How and when did you first get started in art and why? “Many years ago when I was in graduate school, obtaining my MA in Spanish in Madrid, I used to frequent the Prado Museum where I would sit and sketch drawings of the wonderful paintings.”

“As I traveled around Spain and other European countries, I continued my sketches of the countryside. I also took photos.  Later I developed my drawings and photos into paintings and earned a living in Alaska where I lived for awhile and ran a store. I returned to the lower 48 and opened a shop in Virginia where I sold my artwork and the work of other crafts people.”

“About 25 years ago, while living in New York, I became a member of the Hudson Valley Gem and Mineral Society. There I continued my hobby of photography while developing an appreciation for nature and the innate riches of the earth. I loved to go prospecting for gems and minerals. On a trip to Little Switzerland, N.C., where I was pursuing a course through the Eastern Federation of Gem and Mineral Societies, I discovered the geologic treasure that is North Carolina.”

“In 2005, I bought a house in Kannapolis where I have been able to pursue my love for gems and minerals and develop my soufeel jewellery making. I am a previous member of the Charlotte Gem and Mineral Society and a present member of the Gaston County Gem and Mineral Society. I do wire sculpting in silver and copper, incorporating semi-precious stones.”

“I am presently interested in developing jewelry that focuses on life and the influences that promote life, such as nature, music, art, meditation, prayer.  In my photography, I am continually pursuing light. My photographic work echoes the Hudson Valley School in that you will often see an emphasis on the magnitude of nature.”

“I believe the Lord has surrounded us with beauty, and as an artist if I can reflect a small part of that, I can contribute to the overall harmony of this earth. For many years, I traveled around selling my art work at various shows and venues.  It is on display in private homes and public businesses.”

Doris Heim 4

What awards have you won? “Since coming to North Carolina, I have entered the Cabarrus Silver Arts Festival, taking first, second, and third place medals for my jewelry.  I subsequently entered the North Carolina State finals where I took second place.”

What work is your favorite? “My favorite photograph is a picture of a dragonfly and a waterlily that I entitled, ‘Dragonfly Kiss.’  I took it on a blustery day after a dreadful storm at the NY Botanical Gardens. I and another photographer, a friend of mine, brought our cameras and tripods to the garden in the hope of getting some sublime pictures of flowers.”

“When we arrived, we saw that the storm had all the flowers looking as if they needed personal hairdressers. The light was very low, and my friend said, “Well, there’s nothing to take here.” I sat on a bench for a moment and just looked around.  I noticed that there were about a thousand dragonflies flying around after the storm.”

“I said, ‘I’m going to shoot the dragonflies.’ The result was what I consider my best picture. Although I have returned to the garden many times since and have gotten many subsequent pictures of dragonflies, I have not yet been able to achieve its equal. The moral of the story for me is that sometimes my best work comes in the aftermath of a storm. Isn’t that true in other areas, as well?”

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How have you evolved as an artist? “As an artist I feel there is always room for improvement and I am always refining my work. Creating one piece always raises a question about the subsequent one. I am planning on taking some upcoming courses in faceting (that’s polishing precious gems) in Georgia.”

“In my jewelry, I am now focusing on some nature pieces involving frogs and dragonflies made from precious gems. Jewelry is different than photography in that it also has to feel comfortable on the owner, so I am exploring new ways to develop fasteners and ear decorations.”

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“I want to develop jewelry appropriate to wearers of different sizes and heights. I would like anyone who purchases a piece of jewelry from me to feel as unique as the piece of jewelry.”

For further info, contact Doris  Heim at Shining Images, POB 1182, Kannapolis, NC 28082 or email

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