New art display in downtown Kannapolis store windows

There’s a new batch of art in the Downtown Kannapolis Store Window Art Gallery crawl located on West Avenue, Kannapolis.  The latest round of art comes from artists Shane Manier, William (Bill) Smith and photographer Duane DuVall.

store 4

Manier and Smith have artwork is located in the store windows of 131 West Ave., Kannapolis. DuVall’s photography can be found in 139 West Avenue, Kannapolis.

Manier is a local artist/poet and founder of Guerilla Poets an activist/charity group and Co-Founder of Poetry Lincolnton. She has also served on the Poetry Council of N.C.

Store 2

Smith is a lifelong Kannapolis resident who has been an artist all his life.  Retired for more than 30 years as a management professional he has worked for four years a design professional.

store 3

DuVall has been doing photography for more than 22 years receiving formal training and photography college credits. He also received  art school credits but put his photography on the side to work in tattoo shops for several years before refocusing on photography.

store 1

This particular series looks to be on display until Monday, Sept. 22, when we swap out the series for a new batch of art.

Kannapolis Arts would like to thank the sponsors of the Downtown Kannapolis Store Window Art Gallery Crawl: the North Carolina Research Campus, the City of Kannapolis, the Downtown Kannapolis Inc.,  the Independent Tribune, Omega Graphics and the Cabarrus Arts Council