Aimee Perry – Childrens Author

I’m excited to be a part of this year’s Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival. My family moved here last August, and has since fallen in love with the city of Kannapolis.

I’ve written and illustrated my first children’s book and loved the process so much, I’m currently working on my second.  My first, “FREE AS A LEELEE BIRD”, was written after an incident my daughter had with a neighbor girl, which left her in tears. I’ve included an excerpt from my personal blog about that occurrence, that eventually gave way to the writing of this book; A book on forgiveness. It is a great read for all ages, but particularly written for 5-12 year olds.

*Leelee came bursting through the front door tonight, tears streaming down both cheeks, yelling with such emotion I couldn’t make it out. Aliyah is five, and though she feels deeply about many things, this was out of the ordinary for her. She collapsed in my arms, soaking my shirt in seconds.

“What’s the matter?” I was concerned. She didn’t look physically hurt.
She could hardly get it out, “Lillian doesn’t want to play with me. She said she doesn’t like me,” and then came more uncontrollable sobs.

“Leelee?” I asked softly, TRYING to SAY the right thing, “Can you forgive Lillian for saying she didn’t like you or want to play with you? Before I could finish, I heard a fist slam down on the table and a loud emphatic, “NO!”

With that startling new twist, she ran off to her room and slammed the door…

As you see, I needed a plan that evening. A simple talk wouldn’t cut it for Leelee. She wasn’t about to listen to me. What started as an emotional event became one of my most memorable evenings with my youngest daughter. That night, mercy handed me a story. It was a story the changed it all. The blog continues to detail the first time my story, FREE AS A LEELEE BIRD, was ever told. Sometimes, stories have a special way into our hearts, into the places that have become hurt and hardened.

By the end of the telling of that inspired story, on that inspired evening, my daughter completely changed the way she thought. She had forgiven with such grace and expertise; she could have schooled the world.

I left the room in tears, desiring to understand the power of forgiveness even more myself. Was it possible that I really didn’t get it? I wanted to. Little did I know, that subject would circle my heart and mind through the coming years. This book was birthed in that process. I hope it inspires your home and hearts to do the same as Leelee did that night.

I look forward to meeting you on April 25th between the hours of 12-4. I will be reading my story throughout the day, as well as preparing snacks (for the listening children) and of course I’m planning to do a give-away! I will have books for purchase and would be honored to sign them.
Thanks so much,

Aimee Perry –
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