The Mystery of Inspiration

Several weeks ago, the first lines of this poem entered my mind. I wasn’t sure of the reason or who’s voice i was hearing, but I knew I had to write this down before it was just a passing thought. Sadly, a few weeks later, my best friend’s grandmother passed away. I felt the need to share this poem with my best friend’s mother, and she just had a look of awe on her face as she told me it sounded like this was written about her mother. Since then, I’ve added the last two stanzas and would like this to be dedicated in her memory.
JoAnna ‘Nana’ Garner Henley 1937-2015

‘Lost in Stone’
A mountain girl,
who understood
mountain life
He has taken, as his wife

Don’t you love it,
when it’s assumed
what you lived,
what you knew

On this foot, another shoe
One’s second hand
One’s brand new

Life’s on hold, as I grow old
These tracks are rusty,
Not made of gold
Another love, bought and sold

Today’s the day I take control
My love, my life
Now my own

Friends, family, my favorite song
Surround my heart
So I’m not alone

Keep me close,
heart and soul
Years have passed and now I’m gone
-DeAnna Brandon April 2015