The Ocean’s Calling

Occasionally, I have a dream about an extra, abandoned room in my house that doesn’t really exist. It’s a cold, dank, dimly lit space with good possibilities. Every time I dream about this room, I’m so shocked that I keep forgetting  about it, especially when I need the extra space. I start coming up with new plans and ideas. Looking around, I see things that I started from the last dream are still there waiting for me to finish.

Well, last night I had this dream again. I drove up to my house, got out of my car, unlocked the back door, threw my keys on the table and walked inside toward my bedroom. Yet, this time things looked different. It seemed like each room had been freshly cleaned and decorated with new and slightly different things. It was still similar, but for a moment, I wasn’t sure I was in the right house.

I was definitely excited, but more curious as to why things were changed. In the den, I saw a few of my nieces and nephews laughing and having a good time.  I felt a smile on my face and contentment in my heart. Even with no explanation for the changes, I finally felt like I was at home. An unexplainable sense of security welled up inside my soul.

As I walked into the next room, there it was, the extra room. Yet, this time it wasn’t a stark, cold empty shell. It had a whole new wall of bay windows facing the ocean. Soothing, natural light filled the room. As I jumped onto the windowsill, I could smell the freshness of the saltwater, taste and feel the cool chill of spraying waves on my skin. The rush of it all took my breath away. As I looked closer, I saw a pier extending from the side of my room over the seashore. There were clouds in the distance and fog along the horizon. Finally, my vision was clear, and I had a perfect view of my new world.