Author Gregory Hanks to attend Kannapolis festivals

Gregory Hanks is a Lexington based author and guest at the Sept. 26 and Oct. 24 Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival dates in downtown Kannapolis. He is planning to organize a “treasure hunt” during the festival.

“With about five signs or clues, people follow the footsteps of Russell Beagle, a licensed paranormal investigator in some of my stories,”  Hanks said. “Last time, people had fun.  The event organizer was pleased because it kept people circulating.  The vendors near the signs found that people asking about the signs brought more traffic to their booths, too.”


Hanks will be a part of the festival which runs from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on West Avenue in Kannapolis on Sept. 26 and Oct. 24.


Here is a run down of his thoughts on writing and his work:


Why write? Writing is my passion. Words on the page require a steady process (which I teach while wearing my other hat.) After teaching full time for a few years, one summer the head of the department couldn’t offer me any summer classes. I wrote instead. After mostly teaching and writing a little, I realized that my dream was to succeed as an author. Teaching is a calling, so I teach part-time while I follow my dream.


I’ve published two urban fantasy books so far. Urban fantasy features magic in the modern world, usually just out of sight. Magic holds a simultaneous wonder and terror because it goes beyond mundane reality. I remember being very young, and the world seemed full of possibilities. I try to capture that sense of awe of the unknown. “Lightning Strikes Twice” is Book One of the Benevolen. Jason and Rayn realize their efforts to help good people have come to the attention of serious evil when a sword-swinging ghost tries to kill them. I’ve started drafting Book Two and have planned the third.

            Sister Moon: Stories of the Supernatural” collects 13 diverse short stories that offer something for almost everyone. For example, in “Mr. Button Saves the Day,” young Claire befriends the small being who lives in her house. In “Fallen on a Moonlit Night,” Reed desperately looks for other werewolves to help him control his wild nature. Both books are available directly or in print and electronic (Kindle) formats through


My friend and I created a location-based story, an interactive treasure hunt where people follow clues to piece together a short story and win prizes. Participants at a Ren Faire had lots of fun, and we learned a lot. Russell Beagle is on the case! On the web, people can solve the Case of the Midnight Visitors (#RB17) at Validus Paranormal Investigations,


While following my dream, I’ve run into a lot of brick walls, metaphorically, and learned a lot. “Celebrate Your Wins: Steps to More Happiness and Productivity is a motivational book of advice that has grown out of those learning experiences. Anyone looking to be happier or more productive could benefit.


Why G. Hunter Hanks? People should know my name, not a pseudonym. On the other hand, the bookshelves, especially sci-fi/fantasy, already have several really skilled Greg’s and Gregory’s. Since my middle name is Hunter, I can use my name and still be unique in good company.

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