Friday’s Concord Art Walk features images of the Great Depression; World War II

Enjoy visual art displays and entertainment all over downtown Concord from 6 to 9 pm, Friday, Aug. 28. Meet Sonia Handelman Meyer, age 95, whose powerful photographs are on display at The Galleries at the Cabarrus Arts Council, 65 Union St. S., Concord.

The Galleries first solo exhibition presents photographs by Sonia Handelman Meyer, who captured images at a crucial time in American history. The Great Depression was over and soldiers were returning from victories in World War II, but many people were still hungry, jobless, and homeless. As a member of the New York Photo League, Meyer brought awareness to the plight of immigrants, minorities and the poor as she photographed the city in the 1940s. Her amazing eye and unimposing persona allowed Meyer to take pictures that pull the viewer in and give us a better understanding of the social, political and personal struggles of the period, which we are still dealing with today.