A New Wave of Online Comics Debuts on the Huffington Post

Webtoon provider RollingStory has announced that the episodes of their webtoons finally debut on the Huffington Post this month, offering fresh and free content to readers. By publishing to the Huffington Post, Spottoon is preparing to change the online comics industry with new, unique experiences for the readers, providing refreshing alternatives to the same stale superheroes of big comics companies that have dominated the industry for years.

Webtoons have become successful and widely popular in their home country of South Korea, offering readers highly acclaimed stories and characters from some of the most captivatingly talented artists and writers working in the industry today. These stories offer lively graphics and inventive plots that have captivated audiences throughout the country.

Before Spottoon’s grand opening, webtoon readers can enjoy two episodes of each of the five series on the Huffington Post, a total of 10 exciting episodes per week. The five webtoons premiering initially on the service are: “Moss,” “Trace,” “Love Maker,” “Amanza”, and “Preta”. Any readers aching to read the webtoons earlier than its opening, can check them out on the Huffington Post. All the webtoons will be available for free. (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/SPOTTOON/)

Here’s a sneak peek at the new genres Spottoon releases on the Huffington Post:

Moss: A man searching for the truth behind his estranged father’s death encounters a suspicious group of locals in the suburbs where his father once lived. Will he be able to uncover the brutal secrets behind the series of bizarre events?

Trace: Mysterious and deadly, the “Trouble” appear, slaughtering humans and causing chaos in their wake. The only people who can fight back are the Trace, humans born with supernatural abilities. A blockbuster masterpiece with endless conflict, hostility and peace.

Love Maker: Eunkyung, a woman who never had a single relationship in her life, meets Cupid, the greatest player on Olympus who ends up being exiled from the world of gods. They both help each other to find the true meaning of love.

Amanza: Mental, physical, and spiritual journey of a young man who finds out that he has terminal cancer. A thought-provoking tale about overcoming adversity and prevailing humanity.

Preta: A man lost his pregnant wife to a monstrous predator that emerges from manholes and preys on human flesh. He goes on a hunt to bring his family back, no matter the cost. He has to save his family before it is too late.


* Collection of high quality webtoons from some of the best Korean artists

* Webtoons from all categories, including action, fantasy, thriller, drama, etc.

* View webtoons conveniently via computer, tablet or phone

* Swipe-and-read format allows easy reading of comics on smaller devices

Reading comics on Spottoon is a social activity. Spottoon allows for sharing comics with friends and family via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, or via email or SMS messages.

Pricing and Availability

Spottoon is free and available worldwide. Complete information about the Spottoon can be found on its website.