#ArtsVote2016 campaign pushes for presidential candidates to support the arts

Every four years, extraordinary national media and political attention is placed on the top two presidential early primary/caucus states in the country: New Hampshire and Iowa.

Both the media and presidential candidates seek to learn more about the policy issues that the residents in these states care about most in order to win their vote.

As a result, an opportunity is created for advocates living in these two influential states to have meaningful discussions about the arts, the needs for the future, and the economic opportunities for growth on behalf the entire nation.

The program, #ArtsVote2016 is a national campaign dedicated to ensuring that the arts impact national elections by encouraging candidates to take strong positions on the arts and arts education.

The goal is to create opportunities to empower members and advocates like you, especially in early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire, to stand up for the arts on behalf of the entire nation and ask presidential candidates their position on the arts.

“We especially want you to advocate for our shared long-term goals of a future where the federal government invests at least $1 per citizen in the nonprofit arts and where local governments invest 5 percent of their local education budgets in arts education,” said Robert Lynch, president and CEO of Support the Arts Action Fund PAC.

“The support from our members will help us train 200+ arts advocates in each of the early primary states to attend town hall meetings and meet-and-greets with presidential candidates. We will retain a political/media strategist who will open doors to meet candidates in order to discuss how the arts are valued and supported in every state they visit, starting in Iowa and New Hampshire. ”

Customized Questions to Ask will be written for every candidate, as well as develop unique arts profiles for both New Hampshire and Iowa and as well as unique arts profiles and background papers on each candidate.

Visit www.ArtsActionFund.org to see the new ArtsVote2016 content for resources about candidates and their arts positions.