Your chance to audition to perform at 2016 LA Music Awards

Thousands of talented singers, bands and models from 10 regions worldwide are able to audition for the 2016 L.A. Music Awards without leaving home, thanks to the ground-breaking online audition submission and management platform created by Tampa Florida-based, a web-based virtual audition management and networking platform.

Talented performers from the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Russia, Africa, East Asia, South Asia and Oceania all start out on an equal playing field for the online competition, which will lead to forty regional winners earning an all-expenses paid trip to Hollywood to compete for on the televised, LA Music Awards at the historic Avalon Theater November 8-11, 2016.

Contestants will compete in four categories: Rock, Pop and Country and Supermodel, with the Grand Prize winner earning cash and/or a record contract, and a jump start to the fame and fortune that all performers dream of.

The Virdition virtual audition platform was developed by former dancer and talent manager William Quinones as a result of his own firsthand experiences trying to break into show business with limited access to opportunities critical to establishing a successful career in the entertainment industry—mainly, overcoming geographic and financial limitations.

“The Virdition platform offers a huge benefit to talent and agents of all types all over the world, because it gives them the ability to audition live online via video conference,” Quinones said. “It also gives talent the ability to create a portfolio with pictures, videos, audio and a biography for talent agents and competition judges to review.”

Making auditions for the L.A. Music Awards available to performers from around the world, Virdition’s platform provides a  virtual audition via video conferencing and other tools.

Originally developed as a tool for producers, casting directors and agents, the Virdition audition management platform delivers a  platform that streamlines the traditional audition process with an intuitive online strategy that includes tools for viewing and scoring each audition, managing the elimination process and involving social media communities in selecting a winner. Virdition’s technology allows users to schedule live online videoconference auditions with up to four finalists simultaneously.

Unlike other talent and entertainment industry sites, Virdition offers a complete online audition management system integrated into one networking platform that allows industry professionals and talent to interact in a live audition without leaving their home or office.

Auditions can be posted, portfolios created, and agents can submit material on behalf of their clients. Casting notifications can be sent out through Virdition’s automated system, without the  expense of booking rooms or making travel arrangements, since the entire audition process can be completed online.

Talent and modeling agencies can even forward auditions from their clients to others in their network, allowing talent to submit their material directly to the client for review while noting who the referring agent is.

“For the entertainment industry professional, this streamlined platform delivers a huge benefit to talent of all types, all over the world, ”  Quinones said. “Because they will be able to create a comprehensive portfolio for agents to review, and possibly get themselves added to the agent’s network,”

The Virdition site also provides performers with thousands of active auditions and competitions seeking talented performers just starting out, as well as seasoned performers looking for new work.