“H.P. Lovecraft Radio Hour” album perfect for Halloween fun

Produced by Kannapolis Arts founder Michael Knox the “H.P. Lovecraft Radio Hour” is a fun collection of original comedic interludes based on the world of H.P. Lovecraft combined with adaptations of some of his best stories that are narrated by Ryan Haggerty.


“This terrifying CD compilation gathers together the three tales: ‘Picture in the House,’ ‘Dagon’ and ‘Beyond the Wall of Sleep’ from Lovecraft’s early works, and couples them with original interludes.,” according to the Amazon description of the work. “Narration is joined by sound effects and musical composition to elevate the stories beyond books on CD. A visceral audio experience transports you to a realm where humanity is neither present nor accounted for.”

“Also included for your viewing pleasure is original CD artwork inspired by Lovecraft’s tales. You may want to avoid viewing or listening to this album if you are alone and despairing,” the description states.  “Such an environment could lead to wild hallucinations or worse yet, a warped perception on reality. We cannot be held responsible for any such…happenings.”

“In essence we strongly urge you to listen to this collection with the utmost caution and awareness for the path to madness you will undoubtedly embark upon.,” the description states. “Also be sure to share this experience with all your friends and family, such mental anguish should not be hoarded by any one mind.”

“On a side note some Shuggoths have broken loose and our wranglers are working tirelessly to restrain them. Should you, your home or loved ones be eviserated into the ether, consider it an honor.,” the description states. “Not everyone gets to become the foodstuff of an ageless being’s wandering pet. Also you probably had nothing going on this weekend anyways.”

Check out a sample from the album below: