Turnaround Arts uses arts to improve low performing schools

What if we as advocates could convince school leaders that the arts are actually a tool to help them improve their schools? Turnaround Arts is doing just that. A public-private partnership managed by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, Turnaround Arts is committed to using the power of the arts to improve even the lowest performing schools across the country.

Now entering its third year, the initiative has grown from a small pilot of eight schools to a cohort now of 49 schools across 14 states and the District of Columbia, serving 27,000 students.

Attendance has improved and disciplinary actions have dropped. Kids are excited about learning. Artists are bringing a sense of hope to the community.

Parents are involved. It helps that the program is backed by the presidential seal and that high caliber artists, such as Sarah Jessica Parker , have adopted schools to serve as teaching artists, mentors, and a source of inspiration and positive visibility for schools.

Moreover, the program is also backed by decades of research showing the benefits of arts integration and is designed around eight key strategies that any school can use to build a robust arts program that can achieve larger outcomes for school and student success. Read more about the impact of the program at www.turnaroundarts.pcah.gov