“Dancing for the Arts” showcases local celebrities for Cabarrus Arts Council fundraiser

Positively Ballroom’s project with the Cabarrus Arts Council, called “Dancing for the Arts,”is hitting the mid-way point as local celebrities and community head into training in October for the upcoming dance competition.

“Our Stars have been working very hard on their choreography.  Most are able to completely walk through their routines with almost perfect timing,” Ryan Knight, with Positively Ballroom, 70 Union St, South, Concord., stated on his blog. “Due to this commitment, we now have about six practices to really focus on the small things, like dance posture, balance, and styling.”

“I can see the show starting to come together and it is very exciting!  Our stars seem to be very excited as well, which makes me happy.,”  Knight states in his blog. “The competitive side in many of them are coming out.  They want to win and are putting in the effort to do their part, which means they are raising money.   Many of them have found ways to promote themselves through Facebook or other means.  It is really great to see them so involved and I know the project will be a big success.”

“We receive daily inquiries about the show and what people can expect.  I thought you might enjoy reading about what each Star will dancing in the show.”

Donna Carpenter will perform a Cha-Cha Freestyle

George Griffith will perform an American Tango

Phyllis Wingate will perform a Samba

Mike Anderson will perform a Waltz

Dick Snider will perform a Foxtrot

Sarah Morrison will perform an East Coast Swing

Scott Padgett will perform a Hip Hop routine

McKenzie Faggart will perform with her dance team

Tickets are still available, but they are going fast.  Look for me to post more updates on project in the coming weeks.