Casting actors for short film to be shot in Greensboro

Casting Actors for Short Film

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Film Location – Greensboro, NC Auditions – Online


A professional woman is forced to face her truth when she seeks guidance from a Healer.

Lydia – A strong confident woman (late 20’s/early 30’s) who’s past is catching up with her. She seeks guidance from a Healer to help her overcome the problems of the past. Half of her scene will take place in a bathtub. Person must be comfortable with body and being dressed in undergarments only. She must have a strong presence on screen and be able to convey emotion without words.


Priestess Ukweli – An older woman filled with wisdom. She is the healer that helps Lydia overcome her past. She speaks with a thick African Accent and dresses in the cultural garments.

Lydia’s Mother (flashback scene) – African American Female age late 30’s/40’s. This is a short scene of an abusive parent dealing with her child.

Young Lydia – African American elementary aged. Must have a strong presence on camera. It’s a short but important scene where Young Lydia deals with an abusive parent.

Producers look to start shooting within 2-3 weeks.