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Ordinary to Extraordinary

Fine Arts Students from Rowan Cabarrus Community College will be featured in a 3-month exhibition at the Salisbury Business Center located in Downtown Salisbury.  The exhibition, aptly titled Ordinary to Extraordinary, will feature a variety of works in different mediums from paintings to photography to oversized sculptures.  Artwork will be available for viewing Monday through Friday from 8-5pm from December 1st- February 28th.


(Left to Right, Bailey Wingler, April Bryant and Michael Owens)

AFA Students Bailey Wingler and April Bryant have organized and curated this exhibition with the help of the Salisbury Business Center and Comics at Fault.  An opening Reception will be held on Thursday, December 8th from 6:00-8:00pm.  The reception will include a meet and greet with the artists and refreshments will be provided by Winks BBQ of Salisbury and the new Mike & Paula’s Eatery.  Please save the date and don’t miss out in this amazing event!

We would like to send out a very special THANK YOU to our amazing sponsors!  We are very blessed to have so many small businesses willing to step up and support the Arts Community and the Students in Rowan/Cabarrus Counties.  Please follow the links below for more information!

Comics at Fault

Wink’s BBQ

Mike & Paula’s Eatery

Ordinary to Extraordinary flyer

Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival Zombie Walk

Kaleidoscope-Background food truck rally

Saturday, August 20th 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Join us in Downtown Kannapolis as we celebrate the first Zombie Walk/Festival of the Arts in 2016.

The Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival Series brings singers, musicians, belly dancers, poets, painters, pottery makers, arts, crafts, jugglers, clowns and other forms of arts and culture to the downtown Kannapolis streets.

The Festival series is family friendly – Zombies will behave appropriately (no chasing, or being too aggressive, etc…)

Interested in becoming a vendor?  Register:   http://kannapolisarts.com/vendor-form/

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Register: kannapolisarts@gmail.com

Questions? Contact us at:  kannapolisarts@gmail.com

Kannapolis’ NEW Photog Scene!

When Michael Knox came to Kannapolis from Asheville, North Carolina, he discovered an arts community that was going unrecognized.  It was a vibrant group of multi-talented artists, musicians, photographers and crafters that were traveling up and down I-85 to show off their creations.   Knox was determined to foster an environment that would benefit the artists, the area business owners and the City of Kannapolis in a truly amazing way.  From this desire, Kannapolis Arts emerged.  As many of you know, Kannapolis Arts created the Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival in Downtown Kannapolis.  But what you may not know is that they didn’t stop there.  In an effort to further connect the arts community Kannapolis Arts has been experimenting with various Facebook groups geared towards individual specializations.  While some proved to be less successful, one thing is for sure, Kannapolis is home to a wide variety of extremely talented photographers who are eager to grow their craft and their community.  David Roman, professional photographer and co-founder of the Kannapolis Arts’ Photographers, created the group “as a place where you would be able to post questions, get ideas, answers, advice, etc. from other local photographers.”


Photo Courtesy of Kevin R. Daniels

Roman is the owner of Romanda Photography and Chasing the Sun Photography and has been a regular vendor and volunteer at the Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festivals.  While explaining his desire to start the group Roman stated,

“a lot of photographers are very territorial and to me have seemed very stand-offish. Making it hard to ask real questions. Things like ‘what settings should I used for this setup?’ or ‘where do you go to shoot a great sunset?’ We have a lot of amazing people willing to help in any way.”

To propel the group even further, Roman organized the first Photographer’s Meet-up just last week in Downtown Kannapolis.  Photographers from the group were given a specific topic and were invited to bring their knowledge and equipment and work hands on with the group.  So far they have shared their own unique lighting and flash techniques, tips for the best places to find a great sunset in the Kannapolis area, and helped one another to troubleshoot their way through various editing programs and camera difficulties.


12322937_10157169134270223_2548519965981593948_oAfter the first Meetup the group was more enthusiastic than ever.  Duane Duvall of Photography by Duane Duvall immediately posted up his photos to the Facebook group saying, “for those who missed out tonight in the group, you gotta try to make the next one. We had a lot of fun tonight or at least I did anyway. It’s nice to get together and talk shop and learn new stuff. This was an off camera flash meet up and David showed me how to do a “Back Button” focus trick. Just talking shop together helps us learn so much more. Best photog group ever!!!”

13710430_151621125262969_6416272622029065894_oPhoto Courtesy of Photography by Duane Duvall

If there was ever a place to grow as a photographer,  Kannapolis, North Carolina is it!  With so many amazing photographers willing to share and explore it seems natural that this group will continue to grow.  If you are in the Kannapolis, North Carolina area and you are interested in joining the Kannapolis Arts Photographer’s Groups please click HERE.

All photos shown are from the Meet-Up and feature professional photographers including Duane Duvall of Photography by Duane Duvall, David Roman of Romanda Photography and Chasing the Sun Photography,  Kevin R Daniels of Xiiith Photo Video Designs, Stevi Rosenthal of Stevie Rosenthal Photography and Kannapolis resident Topper Hightower.

Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival and Food Truck Rally

Kaleidoscope-Background food truck rally

Saturday, May 21st 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Join us in Downtown Kannapolis as we celebrate the second Festival of the Arts in 2016.

The Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival Series brings singers, musicians, belly dancers, poets, painters, pottery makers, arts, crafts, jugglers, clowns and other forms of arts and culture to the downtown Kannapolis streets.

The Festival series is family friendly and best of all FREE!!

Interested in becoming a vendor?  Artists set up FREE – register:   http://kannapolisarts.com/vendor-form/

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Register: kannapolisarts@gmail.com

Questions? Contact us at:  kannapolisarts@gmail.com

Sweet Insanity by Jamie Beinkampen

Sweet Insanity 3 Sweet Insanity 2 Sweet Insanity 1 Sweet Insanity 4

With her side business, Sweet Insanity, Jamie Beinkampen of Salisbury sells handmade jewelry and accessories with the best seller being their Anxiety Rings and as well as wine bottle lights that her parents make.

A 2012 graduate of Pfeiffer University, Beinkampen works in the mental health field with elementary age children who are behaviorally and emotionally disturbed. Beinkampen found the best solution for these kids in 10naturalhomeremedies.com/. In addition to alluding to her work in the mental health field, she said the name Sweet Insanity stems from the fact that her art and her business help her maintain her own personal mental health.

“I’ve participated at Kaleidoscope several times,” Beinkampen said. “I love the wide range of art featured and the overall feel of the event.”

While Sweet Insanity is just a hobby for now, she would love for her business to grow large enough so that she could make her jewelry and accessories for a living.

“Right now, time is the biggest hurdle for me,” she said. “Life has been hectic lately!”

In addition to visiting Beinkampen at the Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival, you can see her handcrafted items on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/SweetInsanityJewelry?ref=si_shop

Carol Hamlett’s Winding Lizard Basket Co.

20140404_171442 20131102_111210 20130820_145317 20140607_114856-2

Artist Carol Hamlett brings a unique talent to the Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival. Through The Winding Lizard Basket Co., she sells items handcrafted from used lariats – rope traditionally used for lassos or tethering horses, cattle or other livestock.

Her baskets and wall hangings come in different colors and sizes, and she also sells shopping bags, which she makes when her hands need a break from working with the lariats.

Hamlett learned the craft while living in Arizona, where the old used ropes were plentiful, and brought the talent with her when she moved to North Carolina from in 2013 to be near her daughter and her family. The challenge here was to find lariats, but she has since learned of an outlet in Texas where she can purchase them at a reasonable price.

Hamlett enjoys exposing people to this type of art and looks to the Kaleidoscope festival as a great venue to do so.

“I have set up in Kannapolis for the past two years and enjoy it very much,” she said. “I have met some very interesting people, and some have become return customers.”

“It’s a unique craft skill,” she said of the rope lariat items. “I haven’t seen anyone else here making them.”

Denise Cline – Minky fabrics and custom blankets


cline_8418 cline_8573_HPcline_4091_WMR

As a single mother of three, Denise Cline started a website six years ago so that she could be home with her children,  selling Minky fabrics and custom blankets. The venture eventually grew into a larger business called The Minky Boutique and its line of baby products called “Homespun Elegance.”

Cline will sell her products at Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival in Kannapolis for the first time on April 30, offering great discounts on discontinued items and a sneak peek at her newest line.

Visitors can browse her handcrafted Minky baby blankets, security blankets, adult blankets, bibs, booties and more.

At her home workshop, Cline and her staff – with over 100 years of sewing experience combined – create high quality products that are sold regularly in Zulily events, in a booth at Blacklion in Huntersville, on the website, www.theminkyboutique.com, and now, at the Kaleidoscope festival.

The Minky Boutique also was featured recently on the “Made in North Carolina” series.

Cline’s biggest challenge is keeping her product quality as high as possible. “The only way I’ve found to do that is to have my own shop and create all the items in-house,” she said. “I tested a manufacturer several years ago, but the quality just wasn’t there. I want to keep every item we sell hand-crafted and of superior quality.”

Cline is grateful that her lifelong hobby, started at the age of 9, has turned into a business.

“I’m blessed to get to make a living doing what I would be doing for fun,” she said.

The Wandering Pygmy, Sam Kearns

IMG_20160412_202108-2 IMG_20160421_191729

Artist Sam Kearns puts Kaleidoscope at the top of the list of festivals where she has sold her work. “It is my favorite festival because it is so art driven,” said Kearns, who sells her handcrafted dream catchers and original paintings under the name The Wandering Pygmy. “All of the vendors are real artists, and it’s nice to have a festival that promotes raw art like Kaleidoscope does.”

Although she holds two jobs and goes to school full-time, Kearns is serious about her art business. After painting for six years, she decided four years ago to add dream catchers to her lineup. “I wanted to do something more tactile,” she said. “Since then, I have become very passionate about dream catchers and see them as just as much of a creative outlet as painting.”

Whether painting or crafting a dream catcher, Kearns said finding the time to create can be a challenge. Wrapping the outside of the hoop and fashioning the weave in the center are both time-consuming tasks even for the smallest dream catcher.

As if work, school and art didn’t take up enough time, a busy Kearns also has a passion for nature and travel, and is planning a five-month trip to Alaska. She also loves camping, rock climbing and lounging in her hammock. “I am so fond of my hammock that I have a tattoo of it on my leg!” she noted.

Visit Kearns in person at the April 30 Kaleidoscope festival, or check out her work on Facebook and Etsy under The Wandering Pygmy.

Kaleidoscope Profile: Reflections of Kenya by Susannah Kelty

Reflections of Kenya 1 Reflections of Kenya 3Reflections of Kenya 4

Reflections of Kenya 2

After working as a Christian missionary in Kenya for 28 years, Susannah Kelty decided to resurrect the creative outlet she had used years earlier as a small fundraiser overseas.

Having retired back to the United States in 2011 to care for her elderly mother, Kelty revisited Reflections of Kenya, which had been born more than a decade earlier as an outlet for the photo note cards she and her photographer husband produced as a fundraiser to help the pastors in their area of northern Kenya. This time, she decided to pursue Reflections as a hobby to provide exposure for the work of Kenyan people who create handcrafted items to support themselves.

The products she now sells through Reflections of Kenya come from various sources and include: handmade jewelry inspired by designed on www.harrychadent.com; decorative home items such as placemats and cushion covers sewn from traditional Kenyan fabrics; blank note cards featuring images of people and scenery in Kenya; hand-decorated special occasion cards created from hand-crafted paper; and framed photos of Kenyan flowers, birds and wildlife.

The welcoming atmosphere of the Kannapolis Kaleidoscope festival has been perfect for Kelty as a hobbyist. “Reflections of Kenya is so small that it is definitely classified as a ‘side hobby,’” she said. “I enjoy the Kaleidoscope festival because it is intimate, friendly and varied.”

Unfortunate Event Numero Dos

Spending my Freshman year of college in a motorized wheelchair was NOT how I wanted to begin my new “adult” life. I was finally free to explore the world outside of my hometown and I wanted to do just that. The wheelchair made it difficult for me to explore my dormitory, much less the whole world.

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