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Carol Hamlett’s Winding Lizard Basket Co.

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Artist Carol Hamlett brings a unique talent to the Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival. Through The Winding Lizard Basket Co., she sells items handcrafted from used lariats – rope traditionally used for lassos or tethering horses, cattle or other livestock.

Her baskets and wall hangings come in different colors and sizes, and she also sells shopping bags, which she makes when her hands need a break from working with the lariats.

Hamlett learned the craft while living in Arizona, where the old used ropes were plentiful, and brought the talent with her when she moved to North Carolina from in 2013 to be near her daughter and her family. The challenge here was to find lariats, but she has since learned of an outlet in Texas where she can purchase them at a reasonable price.

Hamlett enjoys exposing people to this type of art and looks to the Kaleidoscope festival as a great venue to do so.

“I have set up in Kannapolis for the past two years and enjoy it very much,” she said. “I have met some very interesting people, and some have become return customers.”

“It’s a unique craft skill,” she said of the rope lariat items. “I haven’t seen anyone else here making them.”