Natural light photographer tries to capture what he feels

Kannapolis based photographer David Roman specializes in natural light photography. He will be a guest at the May 31 Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 31, in downtown Kannapolis, N.C.

Here are Roman’s thoughts on photography:

How and when did you first get started in art and why?
“I started photography in high school, but really didn’t do anything with it until a few years ago. Due  to a problem with my  arm I had to give up playing drums for High Rock Church, and took back up photography, and have really plunged into it full force.”

What art form do you focus on and why?
“I am a natural light photographer – Meaning I usually use the light avail. I shoot landscapes, cars, buildings, just about anything I find interesting. I love being out there taking shots of things people just don’t give a second look.”


What’s kept you involved in art and keeps you wanting to practice your craft?

“I love the peace I get when I’m out taking photos. Just walking around looking at the world with a different eye.Trying to capture that perfect photo is what keeps me going, and I know I’ll never get there, so it’s always a challenge.”

What’s your philosophy and style to creating art?
“I do a lot of editing on my photos, I like certain looks, surreal, more art than photo. My style is still evolving, and I guess it always will.  It gives me a purpose and allows me to capture just a small part of this world.”

What awards have you won?
“I have several photos going to appear in the May 2014 issue of ‘Popular Photography Magazine.’ I have won a lot of on-line contests.”


What’s the most challenging part for you when you are creating new art and how do you work through it?
“Capturing what I ‘feel’ not what I ‘see’”

Also, how many pieces of art do you create a month?
“LOTS – took over 17,000 photos last year, as for the ones I used out of that, several hundred.”

What has been your favorite piece you created and why
“Wow, that’s like asking which of your children is your favorite. It changes for me, my most recent work seems to always be what I’m most interested in, and excited about.  My favorite right now is a shot of a fountain in Charleston, S.C.  It’s one of the shots the magazine is going to be using.  We have it on a 30×40” canvas on our wall in our living room now.”


How have you evolved as an artist and what have you done to help grow as an artist?
“Like I said, I’m kind of new at all this, only been ‘serious’ for a few years, and I keep pushing myself by seeing what others are doing, and getting their input and advice all the time. It’s a never ending process of getting better.”

Do you have any advice for young/beginner artists
“Just learn as much as you can about the equipment, and techniques, ask people, get input on your work, and never stop learning.”

What are some art projects you would like to tackle in the future and why?
“I love shooting nature, I’d love to go to some of this country’s major landmarks and try my hand at my take on what they look like. In the short term, I just keep shooting all kinds of things, and working on my techniques and knowledge of my camera equipment.”

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