From dinosaurs to dogs Bailey Wingler paints in bright colors

Bailey Wingler is one of the artists whose work is on display for the June installation of the Downtown Kannapolis Store Window Art Gallery Crawl which are in the store windows on West Avenue, Kannapolis. Her pieces will be on display until the next art installation, which changes over on July 7.

Here are a few of her thoughts on her art form:

Where are you located?

Salisbury, N.C.

How and when did you first get started in art and why?

“I have not always considered myself to be an artist, but from as far back as I can remember I have been drawing on everything.  All of my class notes were always covered in doodles, along with my hands, my arms, my shoes and any other open spot I could find!  Art isn’t something I decided to try along the way, it is quite simply a part of who I am.  It is a part of my soul.”

Bailey 2

What art form do you focus on and why?

“When my children were born, I painted big murals in their nurseries.  Later I did big paintings of their names to go over their beds.  These became very popular amongst my clients and my business really began growing from there.  Because of all the interest I focus primarily on painting with acrylics and sketching, but I love exploring different mediums.”
What’s kept you involved in art and keeps you wanting to practice your craft?

“I was just talking with someone about this recently.   To me, a true artist is not someone who creates something with the intention of making big bucks.  To me, a true artist is a person who has a deep need to practice their craft whether anyone appreciates it or not.  I have been an artist all my life and always will be.  I like to keep my hands busy, whether I’m cooking, gardening, painting or sewing…  I am happy.  That being said, in those moments when I feel defeated,  it is my children and their unconditional love, encouragement and joy that forces me to push on.”
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What’s your philosophy and style to creating art?

“Now that’s a tough one.  I’m not quite sure I have one.  I believe that we grow through practice and through pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone. While I do love creating custom or personalized pieces, I recognize how important it is to let me imagination run wild and go create pieces that are both personal and unique!”

What kind of music, if any, do you listen to when you create art? And why do you listen to that particular kind of music when you work?

“Oh gosh!  It depends.  At any given time you could walk into my studio and find me listening to anything from singer/ songwriter or folks style music to gangster rap.  Whatever gets me smiling and dancing!”

bailey 3

Where else can people see your work?

“You can also find my ‘Wall of Flames’ at Quaker Steak and Lube in Concord, N.C. and a large animal themed piece adorns the reception area in China Grove Animal Hospital.”

What’s the most challenging part for you when you are creating new art and how do you work through it? Also, how many pieces of art do you create a month?

“Well my studio is in my home.  I have two sons under 6 years old, two feline roommates and two large breed dogs.  Therein lies the challenge!  As far as ideas and creating new pieces, I just try to really get out there and allow myself to be inspired by other artists.  I also really try to push myself and to try new things.  I do a lot of custom paintings for nurseries or children’s bedroom, as well as, personalized paintings and signs for weddings. If you want to decorate some bedroom TV Bed Store has many ideas, they are proud to boast a variety of colours, sizes and styles, offering you the ultimate solution for relaxed viewing in bed. In addition, I run my online stores and dabble in logo design and other business related print projects.  On average, I am doing about seven commissioned jobs each month and a handful of personal works.”

Bailey 4

What has been your favorite piece you created and why?

“While the pieces I have done to represent my own pets and family are very special to me, the ones I love the most are those that seem to really speak to other people.   I once drew a picture on a cocktail napkin at a party and left it on the table.  More than a year later I ran into a gentleman who had found that picture and loved it so much that he had it tattooed across his back!  Now that was something!”

How have you evolved as an artist and what have you done to help grow as an artist?

“I attended high school at Salem Academy which is an all girls  school in Winston Salem with a strong Arts focus.  During my time there I met and was influenced by strong minded girls and women from all over the world.”

“My eyes were opened to so many new forms of art.  After that I went on to college, got a job, fell in love and married my husband.  I have birthed two sons and stayed home with them.  I have traveled and experienced the good and bad of life and naturally my art has evolved because I have so much more to share!  I am looking forward to my oldest starting Kindergarten in the Fall and having more time to get out and explore all the amazing art in our community.”

Bailey 5

What are some art projects you would like to tackle in the future and why?

“I would love to try some outdoor murals and street art.  I am interested in pottery and woodworking also.  Really, when it comes down to it, if it’s art, I’m interested.”

If someone likes your artwork where can they see it and what is your contact info for anyone interested.
My original acrylic paintings can be found at,

I also have a store on Society6 where you can see my designs as prints and on various products including clothing, decorative items, tote bags and iPhone or iPad cases.

For updates and information on both, you can find me on Facebook at,

Or, I can be reached by email at
Or by phone at

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