FabricMusings joines Kannapolis Arts fest

Asheboro based artists Bette Beane, with FabricMusings, will be a guest at the Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 27 in downtown Kannapolis.

Bean 1

How and when did you first get started in art and why?

“Born loving art and creative projects. Early on, drawing, painting and collage were favorites.”

What art form do you focus on and why?

“Fabric arts, currently quilting or quilted items – allows creativity made into something practical and more likely in a price range that is affordable.”

Beane 2

What’s kept you involved in art and keeps you wanting to practice your craft?

“Innate passion for art that can be shared and used or enjoyed by others.”

What’s your philosophy and style to creating art?

“Find what you have a passion for, learn and keep learning, experiment, and share with the world the items that you are happy to sign your name to. Style is a constantly evolving process.”

Beane 3

What kind of music, if any, do you listen to when you create art? And why do you listen to that particular kind of music when you work?

“I like peace and quiet while creating. I also play  classical violin, fiddle, and mandolin and listen to a variety of music which stirs emotions and creative thoughts but not while I am actually creating.”

Have you attended any festivals or have any artwork on display? Also, have you won any awards for your work?

“Attend occasional festivals and farmers markets. Had some items on display in Falling River Arts Gallery last fall.”

What’s the most challenging part for you when you are creating new art and how do you work through it?

“Time, and the funds for quality materials. I just keep going!”

What has been your favorite piece you created and why?

“A favorite style of quilt is French Braid, made with batiks in blues, greens and violets. Have sold several of these and in different items — quilts, totes.”

Beane 4

How have you evolved as an artist and what have you done to help grow as an artist?

“Anyone who continues with art, in any form, and keeps an open mind and eye and experiments, spends time with other artists, and takes classes, will grow into their own style as well as develop advanced skills and creativity. From my earliest memory, I have always been “artistic” but only recently began selling my items.”

What are some art projects you would like to tackle in the future and why?

“Art quilts. It’s like painting with fabrics and fibers, and there are more possibilities that with traditional square-based quilts although art quilts may become an art piece, not a practical piece.”

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Check out her page on Handmadeartist.com

Home phone (336) 736 – 8250.

Kannapolis Arts wants to thank the sponsors of Kaleidoscope Cultural Arts Festival: the North Carolina Research Campus, the City of Kannapolis, Downtown Kannapolis Inc., the Independent Tribune, Omega Graphics and the Cabarrus Arts Council.