Cellist-singer-songwriter Shane Tucker to perform in Concord on Nov. 7

Shane Tucker is a cellist-singer-songwriter whose music is an instantly captivating platter of acoustic pop and soulful, jazz-influenced contemporary folk.

Balancing main stage performances in theatres and festivals across the United States with being featured cellist and mezzo-soprano in Cirque du Soleil’s KA in Las Vegas, she is a true rising star.

She performs at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 7 at the Davis Theatre, 65 Union St. S., Concord. Tickets are $34.

JAZZTIMES – CD Review: “Shine” by Shana Tucker
“Shine is the latest solo recording from the multi-talented, vocalist, Shana Tucker, who also plays the cello, guitar on this bright, busy, bluesy, jazzy album. This is a cd full of Tucker’s compositions, insightful autobiographical titles…They all have snappy, direct lyrics, good beats and a simple melody. But, most importantly, they tell a story , that’s what a work of art should do, in addition to making the audience realize that life is universal.” –Larry Reni Thomas (READ FULL ARTICLE)

TRIANGLE ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT – Shana Tucker’s ChamberSoul Sound Slays the Kirby
“What she is, though, is a complex musician who offers not only a world-class voice that rivals that of Cleo Laine or Diana Krall, but also is an accomplished cellist…able to compete with the musicians who make their living simply by playing one instrument…Add to that list of talents the ability to play the guitar in a rich jazzy-bluesy manner, and you have an extraordinary entertainer (who) is also one helluva songwriter.”
–Dawn Reno Langley  (READ FULL ARTICLE)

INDYWEEK – FOUR-STRING CIRCUS. Cellist/Singer Shana Tucker Balances Jazz, Soul & Cirque du Soleil
“Indeed, crossovers and connections are a central theme of Tucker’s career, from the cello’s liminal range to her interests in various genres. Her debut album SHiNE corrodes the music industry boundaries between classical, jazz, folk, R&B and soul.” –Chris Vitiello (READ FULL ARTICLE)

NEWS & OBSERVER – N&O RockPicks: Shana Tucker – SHiNE
“You rarely see Joni Mitchell invoked as a reference point…it isn’t because Mitchell isn’t one of the greats. It’s because her music is so uniquely individual that few can follow her. But in Shana Tucker we have a worthy successor.” –David Menconi

NEW YORK MUSIC DAILY – Shana Tucker Brings Her Eclectic Cello Soul Sound to Brooklyn
“Tucker distinguishes herself with calmly resolute, eclectic vocals and similarly eclectic songwriting that span the worlds of jazz, soul music and pensively lyrical chamber pop…Songs about “saving the children” are usually horrible – even Gil Scott-Heron couldn’t come up with a decent one. But Tucker’s ‘Precious Ones’ does double duty as a parable for both the environment and the younger generation, with brooding sostenuto cello and tersely resonant piano over a brushed shuffle beat…‘Fast Lane’, is an acoustic guitar song, the verse reaching toward country, the chorus shifting abruptly toward soul music, Tucker’s voice shifting nimbly between each idiom.” –delarue (READ FULL ARTICLE)

INDYWEEK – Album Review: Shana Tucker’s SHiNE
“Shine, the lush, chamber-soul debut from Durham singer-songwriter Shana Tucker, is an earful. Her sweet, unerring voice alone would be enough to support a career; what makes Tucker special is her adherence to the cello, boldly taking the instrument into new territory. Much like vocalist Esperanza Spalding with her double bass, Tucker and her cello blur the lines in our heads that divide classical, jazz, folk, R&B and soul.” –Sylvia Pfeiffenberger (READ FULL ARTICLE)

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL – Arts Council Fellowships Work to Foster Creativity Across the State
“Tucker has been a cellist since 1994 and a Summerlin resident since 2011. She was awarded $5,000. Tucker is in the musical cast of Cirque du Soleil’s “Ka” at the MGM Grand. Her first CD, “Shine,” is original compositions and was released in 2011 as an independent project. It got a favorable response, which prompted an international distributor to opt to re-release it…” –Jan Hogan (READ FULL ARTICLE)

STAR NEWS – Cellist Shana Tucker Coming to Thalian: Tucker’s Sound is Not Your Grandmother’s Cello
“Of her distinctive cello-plucking style, one also adopted by the late Wilmington native Percy Heath of the Modern Jazz Quartet, “It kind of came as a default. What I respond to most in music is the bass line, kind of a by-product of playing with orchestras,” Tucker said.” –Ben Steelman (READ FULL ARTICLE)

TEXTURA – The Foreign Exchange: Love In Flying Colors
“Even better is the sparkling “Better,” whose infectious, bass-heavy groove receives a major boost from Shana Tucker’s smooth vocal presence. Musically, the songs are a soulful lot that play like fresh updates on classic R&B, though Phonte and Nicolay also make room for the strings-laden folk ballad “Listen to the Rain” and slyly slip a drum’n’bass groove into “Call It Home.” (READ FULL ARTICLE)

STAR NEWS – Album Review: The Foreign Exchange’s “Love In Flying Colors”
” “Better” revolves around a playful, Puerto-Rican-influenced piano hook and layers of male and female vocals. Shana Tucker’s airy vocals are marvelous, a highlight on the drenched-in-the-’70s dance number.” –Brian Tucker (READ FULL ARTICLE)

CHARLOTTE OBSERVER – R.E.M. Gives Shout-Out to Chapel Hill Chorus
“The band has released a couple hundred songs, and a few of them have sort of transcended into the culture, so we get a fair number of requests for things like this,” said Bertis Downs, R.E.M.’s manager. “We try to agree to most of them, especially for things like this, which are about music education and working with kids who don’t necessarily have lot of prior experience in music. “Plus, it’s in Chapel Hill, which we love, so how could we say no? –Dave Hart (READ FULL ARTICLE)

INDYWEEK – Peter Lamb and the Wolves, Shana Tucker Quartet
“Meanwhile, beautiful intensity exudes from the “chambersoul” of Shana Tucker, a singer-songwriter whose main instrument is the cello. Her original gumbo of jazz, folk and R&B evokes the spirit of Bill Withers and Esperanza Spalding.” –Sylvia Pfeiffenberger (READ FULL ARTICLE)

NEWS & OBSERVER – Delightful Shana Tucker to Perform at Carolina Theatre
“It’s quite delightful talking to Shana Tucker. Sitting in the lobby of the DoubleTree hotel on Hillsborough Street, after a heavy day of performing at ARTS, North Carolina’s recent Arts Day, Tucker is still revved up, ready to talk about her career. But she doesn’t just talk about her career – she talks about her influences and her favorite artists, which can include such unlikely performers as Steely Dan and producer & film composer Jon Brion.” –Craig Lindsey (READ FULL ARTICLE)

DURHAM HERALD-SUN – Concert Preview: Shirlette & The Dynamite Brothers feat. Shana Tucker
“The new recording also has contributions from numerous local musicians — among them vocalist Yahzarah, poet and vocalist Pierce Freelon and cellist-vocalist Shana Tucker. The Tucker collaboration illustrates how Ammons, who produced the record with Rothrock, approached the guest contributions. She asked Tucker in her playing to reflect the song’s message of hopeful longing. “She carried that in both the cello and in her voice,” Ammons said. “She’s just such a vocal musician, even on the instrument,” she said…”Tomorrow/Today”…is plaintive and meditative, and Tucker’s cello part almost washes over the listener like waves.” –Cliff Bellamy

“The sea and shoreline of Cuba inspire Woods’ new group dance, “Mirada Ritmica” (“Rhythmic Gaze”) featuring herself and her company…The dance will include video images of the sea and commissioned music composed and performed by cellist/vocalist Shana Tucker. “The reason I approached (Shana) about composing for the new, 10-minute work, ‘Mirada Ritmica’ is because her voice is sacred like the sea,” Woods said.” –Susan Broili